How do Nel, did you get anything at the custom show? did Gary manage to make contact with Dan for the Carb Box i left for him?

Gaz sorry i could’t get back in touch( I did try) but couldn’t get through to your mobile, when i couldn’t see you back at the show, I even left you a text but unsure if you got that .I actually got back home and phoned your wife to get your number again as it would not connect when i rang the number you gave me. Anyhoow, if you didn’t get it I will post it down to you if you mail me your address, will see you for a [:drink:] sometime in the future.
:shoot1:[:dance3:] :

Nelly where are you from am near Norwich

nevermind,shit happens.gaz,if you want this carb box forwarding on get in touch with me through wellermans site if you can e mail me direct through there.just have to sort out the postage,it’s not a problem!

we have said carb box in custody!
just let me know wot you want doin with it!

Hi michael got your text at 6 oclock saturday custom show was over by then had phone on in pocket must have been no signal spoken to dan saturday in the spa said he would phone me at 9 sunday morning no call tryed to get him no answer. he phoned me at 9 35 to late i had left for home by then as the whether was not to good decided to to head home than hang about Gary sorry for f****** you about [:dance1:] :[:drink:]

im in north east.newton aycliffe,near to mail me on [email protected]
we can sort out getting this gear to you!