Need Help on which crankshaft to order. PLEASE!

getting ready to order all my bits to build my malossi 136 kit. But im having trouble trying to find a full circle crankshaft for my 1984 p125 ets vms1t that the cases dont have to be milled. item # 4506800 full circle crank needs to be milled? i dont think this is the right crankshaft for me. can someone please tell me which crank to order? I did not  really want to mill my engine casings i wanted a drop in racing crankshaft. please let me know, good wheather is coming and my machine is a basket case!!!!


i recognize that you talked about a hardcore tuning !


and now you are  in trouble because you have to mill ???


sorry i cant understand you



nobody here in toronto does this. does sip do this type of modification???

I am having the same problem:-)

Actually, I think the SIP workshop can do this for you. I just ordered a mazzucchelli racing crankshaft from sip and in the add for this item it says:

........"Full Circle Crankshafts are operated with a reed valve inlet. The crankcase compression is raised, the response to acceleration is raised, and the speed range moves up. In any case, the compression plate has to be completely removed, which involves massive milling. Of course, you can let our crew in the shop do the job for you! All crankshafts are delivered with a new little end bearing!"


Sorry I cant offer any technical advise as I am kinda green....








not really sip does the modification , but i know some guys here who can make this for you !

the only problem are the shipping costs to germany ....


do you tried to ask     ..... .... ???


maybe they do , or they know some guys ....