Need help in tuning malossi manifold and 30mm carb on my px200 210cc malossi

hi guys need help. i have a px200 with 210 malossi kit, matched port case and inlet, malossi manifold and 30mm oko carb and mazz race crank standard stroke, jl right hand pipe. i noticed that low end power is there but mid to top power band decreases, you can feel the lost of power even you twist the throttle wide open. i think its sucking too much ait=r and less fuel to burn or vice versa. btw im using 130 main jet and 2 turn out on the air fuel mix. thanks guys in advance. cheers

ps: actually power is on 11/4 throttle to 1/2 throttle. power goes down from 1/2 to full throttle. 

would it be just in my carb setting like air fuel turns might be too rich or too lean or probably 130 main jet is too big or small? or 30mm carb is too big thats why it sucks too much air?


Losing top-end power is a sign of over rich mixture up top, usually a too big of a main jet, considering the engine set up/ build was done properly. Regarding carb size, 30mm is just fine. I too use the same carb on my Malossi 166. You forget to mention what pilot jet, needle, clip position you are using right now.

thanks guys for your replies, solved problem already with bigger main jet. cheers!

Mine has a 177 malossi T5 engine and a 120 jet, probably yours is too big.

What about your spark-plug....wet of oil or dry?