Somebody help me, how to tune 30mm carb.
My P200 used Malossi210 + standard 57mm crankshaft(modified timing) + SITO Plus exhaust +used manifold carb kit…
Please suggest the jet size:1.mainjet 2.idlejet 3.calibrator 4.needle

Original von Dylan: It's imposable to tell you the exact jets as all engines differ. That's why good 2-stroke tuners are like gold dust and charge accordingly.

You can either work it our yourself, and learn a lot in the process, or you can get someone else to do it and save your self weeks of endless nights.

As a guide I would start with a x2/x3 needle, 55 idle, 128/130 main, 40 slide and perhaps a 140 atomiser. That should get the engine at least running. But if you don’t recognise the symptoms, then you will be lost in mire of 2-stroke hell…

Have a nice day [:)]

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