Need a malossi reed valve setup

I am hopin like buggery that someone on here can help me out. I bought a malossi reed valve manifold off ebay a few weeks ago for a bargain, but now the prick that sold it to me has decided that he isnt going through with the sale. So does anyone here have one that they are willing to part with for a reasonable price???

Maybe curare our gifted friend might know of someone who desperately needs the extra room that they would have if they offloaded a reed valve setup to me???

Anyway put yer details on here if you can help me out and ill get back to you asap.

Cheers fellas


I think you can choose better than Malossi, bought one one year ago and even when it comes new from the box you have some modifications to do withit to be ok.


hello ultraphine,

yes Mikkke is right saying that you can buy better than a malossi, and even when it comes out of the box very often needs modification to be fitted. The good thing about it is: it is cheap, and the carb sits fairly lower then the other reed manifold.
Anyway if I find something I will let you know.