Mysterious starting-problems

an IMPORTANT question: ive a big problem with my vespa 50 (105[;)] special. it runs very good but when the engine stops running for 5 minutes or so it doesnt run anymore. then i have to take the sparkplug out and in and then i have to push it 50-100(!!!)metres till it runs. but i get an excellent spark and fuel supply is o.k. but engine is completely new! THIS SUCKS!!! please help me or i`ll throw it away and buy a DERBI!!![:@]
thank you Georg[?[]

[:D] thank you for help [:D] now it runs at first kick.
i`ve only changed the nozzles for smaller ones.
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In my case the problem comes with the electrical system; my FL have a electronic starter system, and a condensator (I think this is the name in english) fails.
Although I think you must check the comepression of the cilinder, and seals. Verify the engine is not loosing power.

…and don`t change a 50 for a DERBI [:D]

vespapocalipse [:D]

Could be a number of things but sounds like it could be the seals. Maybe they werent installed properly or perhaps the crankshaft isnt straight…and as above, I agree that it could be the coil or perhaps the condensor. [H]

I used to suffer the same but then I changed the spark plug pipette (i dont know how it is called in english) and the wire and was fine!! I could run and stop the vespa for a short period of time (getting in and out a shop for example) and start the scooter at first kick. May itll help may not [;)]
see ya!

Marcus [:D]