My yamaha neos 50, 2003

hiya this is my yamaha neos 50, 2003,

so far i have installed;

leovince tt exhaust ,with relivent 4.3 gram rollers and performance clutch springs,

k & n air filter,

,cosmetic mods :

removed front mud gaurd,

cut rear mudgaurd,

f1 style wing mirror ,

hand polished transmision cover (lots of hard work),

am in the process of polishing another transmision cover and making it more custom shaped,


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in the winter i am going to do a respray and some body mods , i was thinking something like this, (its just a quick knock up)


[URL=][IMG][/IMG][/URL] Uploaded with [URL=][/URL]


i have just ordered a 92 jet to replace the 78 standard jet , (5% for the exhaust and 10 sizes for the air filter),

a malliosi air filter (with water gaurd),

and a stem for the bar conversion, although i will have to mount the speedo somewhere elce , as i cant afford a digital one at the moment, also i will need to buy some bar switches for indicators ect..

, please tell me what you think of it so far :)



nice dude, i like your stile! [Y]

the inside pannels are now orange with dark blue outsides for now, my jog wheels have arrived so i will hopefully get another update up soon :D

hiya mate thanks for the reply :D ,

ive done the bar conversion this week with a set of old bars i had laying around and taped the indicatorswitch to the bars lmao , no speedo at the moment :( ,, heres a picture of it atm:


Uploaded with [URL=][/URL]


im going to respray the bars tomorrow red im thinking along with a custom kickstart and the brake levers , mabey some other stuff,

im thinking , new bars , hydrolic brake fulid cover thingy,foam pad for the bars , dirt bike style hand gaurds,,

ive got a set of switches being shipped from hong kong , god knows how long that will take lmao.. il update you as soon as ive done something elce :D hopefully il find a way to mount the stock speedo somewhere :L



hiya today i got a can of ford colarado red and sprayed my bars,brakelevers, kickstart brake fluid cap and other bits red, i am going to spray the rear handles and screws/bolts red tomorrow :) heres an update :D

although this photo was taken before the cap was sprayed.


thanks for reading :)

hi duncan 

nice scoot looks nice and light at the front end (wheelie machine) keep up the hard work!! i hand polished my trans cover bloody hard work and it did not help that it was black powder coated ......but yeah your one looks good i must say keep us updated im in a middle of a project at the mo with a gilera runner cant wait to it finished anyways take it eazy duncan