My warning against buying in SIP

I have made an order for several parts in SIP scootershop in March this year. They charged me for about 220 EUR (incl. shipping - crazy costs of shipping via UPS, but they claim that’s the only way). Because of incompetence of SIP staff - wrongly issued invoice, my parcel spent 32 days in customs at the airport and I had A LOT of problems with this. When I finally got the parcel and started to install new parts into my scooter it turned out that the two most important and most expensive parts: complete clutch and a voltage regulator doesn’t fir into my scooter. Even if they are very clearly described in the SIP catalogue as the parts just the very right to this particular model!!!
I have made a reclamation. First of all SIP wasn’t able to understand that they have big error in their catalogue, and this errors are still existing in the online shop (clutch and voltage regulator for Vespa Cosa 1 (old) 125 are in fact not for for this scooter). Then they claimed me to send them the wrong parts (on my expense) to them, and they promised to send me back the right ones and a reimbursement of shipping costs. Finally I traded the clutch here and have sent the voltage regulator to them. They even telephoned me then, told me that they received it and asking detailed questions about the right regulator for Vespa Cosa (old) 125. As the regulator was still in my scooter I wasn’t able to answer straight away. So, I have sent them this information later. But now (for two weeks) they are just ignoring my emails sent to all their e-mail adresses.
So, my advice - think twice or more, before you buy anything at this scootershop.

Hello Ralf,

I’m sorry, but you are misleading readers of this thread.
That’s true that I exagerated when mentioned 32 days of delay, but this was the full period between my order and the day I finally got the parts.

But the most important things:
0. I made my order for approx 180 EUR + shipping 40 EUR=220 EUR. You charged my credit card for 260 EUR. After my intervention you sent me 40 EUR back to my card.

  1. SIP issued wrong invoice at the beginning (without „preference formula“ and other details). Because of that, the parcel coludn’t be cleared by customs office, or I would have to pay very high extra custom fee.
  2. I informed SIP about that immediately, and I have sent you detalied instruction how to issue the proper invoice.
  3. Your reply was: „You have to pay custom fee for your parts“. That was absolutely wrong, because even before the May 1st, Poland was a country associated with EU, and there was no custom fee for parts like those for several years already. But there had to be a „preference formula“ on the invoice.
  4. So I wrote all that to SIP detaily and once more asked SIP for the proper invoice.
  5. SIP was ignoring my requests for the proper invoice for two weeks before finally understood, that this is so simple. For this two weeks you were trying to sell me on paying custom fee etc. You where not able to see the diference between custom fee (which was not necessary) and a VAT which is a TAX. I was never refusing to pay a tax (VAT).
  6. After two weeks of stupid talks you finally sent new invoice. But it was still not right… And in spite of my strong requests you have sent the invoice not to me (I have already paid for all of this stuff!), but to UPS Warsaw.
  7. After another few days of explanations - which in the essence were exactly the same as at the first time when I informed you about a need for the proper invoice - you sent the third version of the invoice. And again - despite my VERY CLEAR askings - not to me, as the buyer, but to the shipping company (UPS Warsaw).
  8. I got the parcel and started to put the parts into my scooter which is - as I mentioned in my previous message - Piaggio Vespa Cosa (old) 125 CLX, frame prefix VNR1T.
  9. Then I realised tha the cluth is absoultely improper one for this scooter. It was stupid, because I have been consulting with you this matter even on this (Vespa Classic) forum before I made my order. And this clutch still exists in your scootershop as a proper one for VNR1T, which is still misleading people.
  10. The same story with voltage regulator - in you shop it’s clearly described as a good one for VNR1T, which is not true.
  11. I informed SIP about that, but you doesn’t want to believe me.
  12. At lat we agreed that Il send you wrong parts (on my expense) and you will send me proper ones - if you have them.
  13. The proper clutch for VNR1T is not available at SIP. So I found a buyer here and sold the clutch. Then I went to Piaggio Poland, gave them the frame number (VNR1T) and ordered new clutch. They delivered me right clutch with no problems.
  14. I sent the voltage regulator to SIP (cost 2,5 EUR - almost 20 times cheaper than I paid for the shipping from SIP to me).
  15. SIP telephoned me to identify which regulator is in fact the right one for VNR1T.
  16. I have checked it out detaily and sent this infomation to SIP.
  17. There are two weeks since that, and there is no new regulator, no reibursement of 2,5 EUR for shipping or EVEN NO REPLY FOR MY E-MAILS.
    The parts still exist in your scootershop as fit for Cosa 1.
    I’m still waiting for the right regulator and the reimbursement of shipping the regulator to you. In case you have no proper regulator I’m waiting for my money back.

Take care - Jacek

  1. Regarding the financial matter - I’ve to check it out, if you recharged my card at 17.06. But in case that’s true, I’m not able to understand why are you informing me about that only at August, and why SIP staff ignored all my e-mails from July.

  2. Regarding fitting the clutch: I have sent you (to Hanno Sterinz) photos of the original clutch, dismantled from my Cosa 1 and the one clutch you have sent me at the same photo. I still have copies, so I’m able to publicise them. It’s easy to see on that photos that:
    a. original clutch is smaller! (that’s why the one you sent me didn’t fit).
    b. original one has has 6 springs, yours has 7 springs
    c. original one has 20 teeth, yours has 21.

So, you didn’t wrote which clutch you put to which Cosa 1 (125 or 200?). I can believe that there is some clutch that fits particular engine. But the one you sent me as a clutch for Cosa 1 125 ccm wasn’t fit for that scooter. It’s probably a clutch for a 200 ccm engine, not for 125 ccm.

We fitted the clutch on a Cosa 1 ourselves today - it fits nicely. We cannot see which problem you might have had.
We did not exchange the regulator as we were expecting new problems on customs, tax, technical things and after countless emails for so few items we decided to charge back your credit card for the value of the regulator so you can order that item from Piaggio in Poland. The charge back was made 17.6.2004 already.

Hello Jacgro,

I am confused about your email as the content is that wrong:
first of all the shipping costs of your delivery in march had been 40,- € UPS standard. We have heard about Problems in custom of parcels going to Poland in the past but we can not do any more as including a proper invoice. UPS is handing out the bill of lading to polish customs and negotiating all necessary things. Poland is now inside the EU-no problem in future. The delay at customs was not 32 days but 14 days. UPS/customs asked you to pay your VAT and you have not replied on it. I can post the UPS tracking here if you want.

To solve your problem. You ordered items no. 93004 and no. 81560. We print also the chassis numbers to the item description that we receive from Piaggio. they ought to know. Which kind of scooter do you have? Which chassis number?

Please keep playing fair as we always try to be and find out the best way for each customer.

Thanks Ralf