My two weeks at SIP Scootershop (by Oliver Lomas)

My first day with SIP was Monday the 26 of april.
In my first week I was working in the warehouse helping the SIP Crew.

My first impression was WAOW.
I was so surprised by the scale of the company and how professional the guys are.
The storage was so big that the first few days I was always lost…

But it did not take long before I felt calm and happy because the whole SIP Crew were so friendly.
Before I came to SIP, I thought I will finally learn perfect German, but all the guys there could speak perfect English what made my stay much easier.

My work in the warehouse was to collect items for the many many orders.
The guys there showed me the modern system that SIP has got, it was all very impressive!!



For my two weeks at SIP, I was booked in a Hotel in Landsberg.
It was very easy to make new friends here and by wednesday I was already sleeping at one of the guys flats. They took it as a mission to show me all the German traditions.
I have never thought that a person can manage to do so many things in two weeks.
On the First knight they took me to a typical BAYRICHES Biergarten, where I quickly learned the MAIN German hobby “BIER”.


In my two weeks I also managed to teach the Germans how to play real Football.
And last but not leased the guys made me a part of a pared in there own town.

In my Second week by SIP I was working with Stephan Hufschmied. We were working on a Internet site for my Father James Lomas Also this work by SIP I really enjoyed.

My end impression after the two weeks working for Sip is that they are 




I have learned so much here and by doing this i had so much fun. I thank the whole SIP Crew for a great life’s experience.

it was nice to meet you, Manc scum!! [;)]

maybe I'll see you in Lommel!


beer is a very serious matter, mate !