My orders had a problem

Ive been ignored for the last 5 days now, so i figured id post up here.

I ordered

Thank you for your order

Billing address

Kyle Leskiw
Riverstone PL 256
T2C 3W8 Calgary
Canada Delivery

Date 04/28/2006

Paymentmethod: Credit card
Provider: MasterCard B+S GICC ()

Delivery service: UPS Expedited
Delivery options: Immediate delivery
Charges 77,34 EUR circa $108.13

Subtotal: 428,32 EUR circa $601.49
Parcel post insurance: 1,50 EUR circa $2.11
Total: 507,16 EUR circa $711.98

Compared to catalog prices you saved: 8,74 EUR circa $11.23
You will pay the shown price in euro. The exchanged price is only
shown for your information. Exchange is done by the values from the
european central bank from 04/27/2006.



MALOSSI Torsion Controller
Art.-Nr. M2512828 30,40 EUR

Sidestand HONDA Zoomer
Art.-Nr. BU4543 21,12 EUR

Screw number plate "LED Super
Art.-Nr. KO022 8,44 EUR

Variator POLINI Honda Zoomer
Art.-Nr. P241626 179,12 EUR

Underbody light halogen, blue
Art.-Nr. KO012 10,14 EUR

LED sticker, flexible, self-
Art.-Nr. KR574180 25,34 EUR

Shock absorber rear FOURNALES
Art.-Nr. FS1001B 153,76 EUR

SIP minibottle
Art.-Nr. J14491000 0,00 EUR

thankfully i was able to get through on the hotline… hopefully i dont get charged for the shipping again, as the parts were in stock and you just forgot to include them…[:(]

What i recieved

Ive been talking on and off with

Viele Grüße,

Moritz Kohrs

He said he was calculating UPS to ship it out, i still see nothing on my packages to indicate anything has been shipped

I wouldnt be so angry but its been almost a month since i originally ordered the parts, and my customers are getting tired of waiting for them.

Im missing 3 Polini Variators and an LED strand, if you need anymore of the sheets that came shipped please let me know, id like to get this straightened out and the parts shipped

Ive ordered with you twice before, havent had any problems, please let me know via email at [email protected], or post on this board ;D, thanks and hope to hear some good news

Ive tried phoning in, but everytime it starts ringing it just hangs up before i can talk to someone. PLEASE STRAIGHTEN THIS OUT!!! Im getting fed up with being ignored

I have faxed you guys all the critical information, what i recieved and what i ordered, hopefully that should be everything you need, please email me so i know whats going on with this order