my Customer Code is 14720900

i order some goods, Carelessly repeated two times orders,please close one, i just need one order.

thank you

but  the bank told me that there are tow same amount deducted with my card...........

I was paying whit credit card. I called to the bank, They told me that Money has been deducted, So please give me money back

I repeat order two same orders, Significant errors!!!

please close one and refund, thank you, i just want order one orders.

ok ...


I cant find any order with the parts that you told me in the post before !

This order was complete cancelled !

Please order it again.

Please doubble check with your creditcard company !

Iam shure that it was only a reservation and in the end the reservation would be cancelled automaticly.

And there may come a time. 

I have to wait until tomorrow and check again. thanks.


my order with the Repair kit water pump Gilera and Clutch bell Stage6 Racing and Piston ring PIAGGIO SKR125ccm 52mm 2T and Belt pulley STAGE6 Racing ........

tow same orders.

 please close one

Hi ...


Are you talking about the order with the Malossi Cylinder Exhaust and Crankshaft ?

Dont worry [:)]


Please notice that one of the Payment is only a reservation..


give me 2 minutes i will check !

Ok ..

But belive me , we work every day with creditcards and its only a reason of time.

You will see that the reservation will be cancelled !


I think that there are 2 reservation because you ordered twice.


Dont worry - wait a few days and then we will see.