[:O] Having used the Bulletin board for a while I find that some peoples help very useful, however I also find there are two muppets who seem to know an awful lot about everything. One being sarcastic, the other must get his info from a book. They tell us how good things are, then write topics on the same thing breaking all the time. I may not know all the ins and outs of a scooter, but the information I try and give to people is from my experience over the years. If you do not know to whom i refer to, then it is probably you! I wish the boys at SIP would use this bulletin to help us more.:stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

so so why have you got to call two people muppets who are they what bad advice have you been told ps what is the scorpion pipe like that you mention in your answer to carb box thanks Gary[:smokin:] [:dance3:] [:drink:]

Hi havent seen you give any advice to any one yet so stop slagging other people off that are trying to help other people .If you want to slag people off be a man and name the so called muppets. Gary[:dance1:] [:smokin:] [:drink:]

[:)] Re Scorpion pipe - it is very simmilar to a SIP one but is roughly £20 more and you get a warranty.They are both JL exhausts one made in the Czech Republic one in the UK. Next time I buy an exhaust it will be a Scorpion, because my five month old SIP one broke and had no warranty.[:rolleyes:]

not gonna slag you for your views rich,but why the outburst?
has someone given you advice that was wrong?
just hope it wasn’t me!come on spill the beans!

[:D] gaz7 go to page 3 and look at your CARB BOX ! , Nelly you have gived me some top advice