Mounting lock seat sip and cushion on to the sip sport seat carbon for v50

hello i've downloaded the instructions to mount lock seat sip art. nº31040000 and there is a thing i can't understand!!? picture 6 what's the use of this aluminium plate?? my seat is the midle one on picture 8. the distance in the aluminium plate does not correspond to any distance of holes in the seat or in the bike?? is that piece only for the other 2 model's??

about the cushion! art. nº31031200 there is no instructions for this! just say's to screw it on!!?

so i have to drill the seat! that's ok in the vertical ,but there is one screw in the back horizontal!

should i drill a hole horizontaly and then cut the inside of the seat so i can screw it on??

please help! thank's

best regards

José Alves

i think its the best way first to mount the part on the frame and the see what position do you got ... like in the pictures, you have to do a little bit by your self !

ask maybe a mechanic to help you ?


for the position of the cushion :


put some paint on top of the screws and set the position on your seat , now you got the marks to make the holes in your seat ..


hope this was helpfull