Motovespa GS150 - 1967


I've recently purchased a Spanish Imported Motovespa 150GS.
Apparently they are very rare, only produced in 1967.
Therefore, not a lot of info out there on the www.

Any advice or info welcomed in general.

Currently about to purchase SS180 panels  -  SIP say these will fit, and they do look right. Can anyone confirm they are the right size just to be on the safe side?

What about floor runners?
And stand?

Thanks in advance.

Vielen dank. [:D]

It has a PX200 engine in it (thankfully!).

Another question:  How easy would it be to install a Cosa clutch?



for the body and all Bodyparts you can use Sprint and ss180 Parts

For the engine,  the GS 150 parts are needed. If you have direct intake use the gs 160 Engine parts