Motovespa 200ds wireing help

hi, does any one have any idea or info on the motovespa 200ds engine.  i got a 200ds engine which i was hoping to fit to a scooter i was doing.  Every thing seems to be there i have a black femsatronic box with 2 brown and 1 black wire coming out and a ht coil comes from box also.  It has 2 brown 1 black 1 red 1 green and 1 yellow from femsa staor.  I tried putting the 2 browns,1 black putting plug on ht lead and tried turnning over to get a spark but could not get one.  Is ther somthing else i need to do, or ideas of what doing wrong.  I have thought of getting new stator or femsatronic unit.  The othe thing is ive a rally 200cc casing and was going to take the head,barrel,gearing etc and fit into the rally casing, i know the crank is no good as different size on flywheel side.  if any body has any thoughts or has delt with one of these engines any help would be greatfuly welcome cheers daz

Hi mate, I also have a motovespa and im trying to fit a cdi to it. I'd appreciate any help



Hello mate

i have one these DS machine too.  Bit of a nightmare really. in short i have scrapped the engine cases. got a dead standard p2 engine and swapped some of the internals over. my advice is to do the same. save you agony in the long run i reckon.  and you can flog off all the spare bits to recoup your outlay.

my crank went - not replecaable by a standard crank. the electrics arent replacable unles syou can find some in Spain. although saying that you can have my reg, stator and flywheel for free if you like. maybe even the weird CDI if i bother taking out from inside the bike.

have you taken the flywheel off? there is a weird orange donut stator.  a standard stator cant be fitted without some cutting away and welding. a standard flywheel will not turn on a standard crank properly i found. think the flywheel lip on the casing might be the problem. again might be solveable with some cutting away.

as for the wiring - god knows - now mine operates from a normal cdi, reg and stator i have about 5 spare wires from the loom at the junction box.  just taped them up but it seems to work. 

i had to cut into the wiring inside the frame and make connections to the standard reg - bit of a bodge but it works. i also now have a redundant spark wire and plug sticking out of the frame. looks pretty cool.

if it helps from memory - on my new set up loom white goes to earth in the j box, loom yellow goes to blue from stator, black from stator tapped up, loom black goes to black on cdi i think. about five other loom wires taped up.

if you are interested in the electrics let me know on [email protected]  better than me binning them.

good luck




    I have been away for a while and just read your reply.  I don't suppose the parts you said you had, a chance that you may still have them..  I m hoping that you have as there are parts that would be useful.  I was thinking of doing the same to the engine, get a casing and use as much as I could.  I also can use it if any thing goes wrong with my px210cc as you know some of the parts are the same to fit in it.  I was hoping to use the engine on a project that i've had sitting around for some time and would be a decent engine to put in if possible.  If you do still have any of theses parts i'd be very greatfull if you would let me know.  Thanks darren

Hi....I'm currently restoring a MotoVespa P200E. I don't know the answer to your question, but I took pictures of the wiring while I was stripping down my scooter and can send you them. If you think this might help, let me have an email address I can forward them onto you.



hi..thanks for your reply.  I would be greatfull if you could send me some pictures, they may help.  My email is [email protected] again.  I think its Good that we have such a wide network of scooteriest all over different countrys with the same love of vespa's keep safe darren.