Motovespa 160

hi im new on here and im called tony ,i have a motovespa 160 and im wondering were i can get parts from as i live in england 

'lo Tony ,         &


the 160 gt is a superb scooter ,it's worth restoring but the femsa ignition is rather pricy . 



Hi Tony, I have a gt 160 for some of it are very rare...but the bottom end and crank cases are similar to the 150 sprint. I got most replacements off ebay...but it may be a long wait. I put a px 125 motor into mine to get it on the road, until I eventually got the bits I need. If you need advice on a rebuild, I might be able to help.

Peter Ward


hi that would be great,do you think they should start to reconise our scooters more now,its that when you go into everything its for other vespas and not ours why[H]