Motor doesn't switch off!

Hi All,

Just after a quick info fix if anyone can help.

Pulled apart my bike a bit to renew the insulation around the electrics from where they exit the body work to the stator / coil connectors. Pulled the stator off the bike completely to check that all the wiring in the coils was ok too.


Put it all back together and kicked it over… perfect… turned the key to switch the motor off and it just keeps on runnin’ … happy happy. I had to put it in gear and stall it.

Anyone know what i might have done wrong in the re-connect of the wires? All were spade plugs and it looked pretty simple… doh! Be good to get some ideas befor ei pull it all apart again tomorrow night.


If its electronic, its the green wire! the one that does not come from stator plate but from the scoot,along with black/blue lighting wires,
this is a earth that goes on the nearst spade on the coil!
hope this helps!!

What type of scoot?

Of course, ignition-lock in other end. When turning on ignition, you actually open a short-cut.


Thanks guys,

forgot to say … it’s a T5 Mk1 Electronic ignition