Most reliable p200 kit

My p200 needs arebore and oversize piston but for not muck more money I can buy an aftermarket kit .I am thinking of getting a malossi 210 kit. can I just bolt it on, what else do I need to maximise this kits potential without forfeiting reliability and without costing a fortune?Are the prices qouted on the sip site the prices you pay or are there hidden extras?

You need a head to suit,

Cylinder head MMW PX200
MALOSSI, 211cc Standard, long
thread, d=69mm, 1:11.5, squish
edge 1.2mm
Art.-no. 13013950

and most likely some new main jets.



same advice as Juan.
You will hate the Malossi just bolt on it won’t have enough torque.
Go for a Pinasco. A little more power then the original, it comes with an head, no casing work needed. Then you can buy a good exhaust and you will have what you are asking for.

To maximise the Malossi you’ll need much more than that.

You’ll have to match the transfers,fit a decent pipe,alter your timing and jetting at least.

As a fairly easy alternative I’d suggest the Pinasco 215 as this requires no transfer work.

The Malossi will work as a bolt on and be very reliable but it will be very dissapointing.