More r.p.m.

How can  get more "revolutions" in a T5 engine...

I  riding my 125L from the 64 with a T5 engine....malossi 172, and 23 teeth a px200....but with 8" tyres, so i need more r.p.m from the ignition, because it cuts at 9000 r.p.m...

How can i get more....


Hi dude


I recommend you a ultra short DRT 4. gear (Item code 40431660)

and the AddonV variable CDI ignition (5000300)




Does your front wheel ever touch the road ??? [:P]

I can't believe you really need more revs with that set-up !! Malossi T5 with 8" wheels must be low enough geared to drive up vertical walls in 4th gear !

If you must make it rev harder then use a 22 tooth or 21 tooth or even a 20 tooth clutch centre cog . . . . . . .  then buy 'wheelie bars' and a shitload of new rear tyres , some clean underpants and check-in to a good mental clinic. [:|]

What carb(and jetting) and exhaust are you using ?

If you want more rpm's change to a 22 teeth clutch, but I don't think that's the problem...

It shouldn't cut at 9k rpm...You might have to consider an exhaust that workes upper in the rpm band.