More Pinasco Woes!

Hi I originally posted this

about trying to get my newly fitted pinasco to run right.
but after months of playing around I still have no joy.
I have left the vespa in the garage and have been using my lammy, but now I have decided to get this pinaco problem sorted.

I have been right through this forum reading every post on pinasco kits and have come away more confused than before.
So far I have read:

The feel of the engine is a bit fluffy, it feels a bit lean as though its hanging on to the the revs although not a lot, acceleration is ok but it tops out at 65mph and the performance is not as sparkling as i would have expected, I am being left by standard P2’s!
I am using the pinsco exhaust, standard carb, 120 main jet (although I have tried larger), and drilled air filter.
I have adjusted the timing, but nothing seems to feel right (would i need to file the slots for further adjusment?).
I tried to check the squish but the solder didnt crush so I assume its over 2mm.
The kit I am using is the newer one with the two piston rings and doesnt require a cylinder head gasket, would this need machining to bring the squish down to about 1.5mm or do i use a very thin base gasket?
Lastly is it only the main jet I need to change, in previous posts I have read about changing emulsion tubes (?) and air correctors and slow running jets.
I would love to get it set up on a dyno but there is not one near me (Gt Yarmouth, east anglia) so I am stuck with good old fashioned tinkering.
I have also got a scorpion exhaust I could use as well.
I dont race or ride my scooter at a constant top speed but I do attend rallies when I can and would like a good touring speed or at least be able to keep up with traffic on dual carrage ways (70mph).
Please help I am that close to selling it and buying another Lammy!!

yup I am going to give NSW a shout when I get back from offshore, I shall ride out there see what they think.
I have heard the same thing about the Pinsco exhausts, I am wondering if using my Scorpion pipe might be better?
Oh well we will see what they say.

guess this one has you all stumpted

First of all Pinasco pipes are utter shite,I suspect this is a major part of your problem.

I’ve not run a Pinasco for years but from what I can gather it is possible to run a long stroke crank in them with not packers.From this I would suggest that skimming the 'head down to around 1.5mm would be a good idea.

The 120 jet also seems a little small.

On the stator plate question it is sometimes a requirement to elongate the holes using a dremmel to get the require position.

I would suggest you talk to Sausage at NSW if you’re still having problems after this.

So nobody has any ideas??