More energii

Hello i heve big problem my vespas is in mods style more lamp etc but i have problmem because i must hve more more energii/ power but my generator full working. I have stator plate - 80W
PX 125 Lusso with Electrostart.

In Poland its illegal because in the Polish traffic regulations haven’t information about how much light have motorbike.

When i ride in the night on the polish road i must be visible because polish driver in the car don’t like motorbike.
and now importend thing - more light (on) looks very nice [:)][:)]

My light only to illuminate road/street.
Ok. in the nigth i will take a foto all light on the my vespa and put on teh webstie

Hi, The extra lamps on a mod style scooter are not suppose to be working, just for looks!

Throw away the lights.[;)]

wow, surely thats highly illegal? talk about dazzling the vehicle ahead of you!