Modify original 57mm crank for Polini 208



I´ve a strictly original PX200 mounted in my SS180.

Runs ok, but wants some more ooomph for steep hills here in Norway.

Therefore going to mount a Polini208-kit with matching head and a upjeted SI24 carb

Haven´t decided for the pipe yet, but it will be either a SitoPlus or a ScootRS pipe.


I´m also going to mathc the casings for the Polini.


I´m now looking for some information of how to modify the original 57mm crank for better flow for Polini.


Can anyone please tell?




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Hi dude,



honestly i recommend you to replace the old crankshaft with a racing crank.

For the pipe it would be beter to use an original or a SIPT5 pipe for more tourqe.




The measures for the engine modify you will find when you place the polini feet gasket on your casing.

Please notice that there must be also an instruction inside the cylinder kit.