Modified VBB 1965

Hi Guys, Hope everyone is well and the sun is out for riding!

I have a 1965 VBB, bought it a few weeks ago.  The last owner modified it, some good, some bad.  I am quite handy with a spanner so repairs and upgrades no problem.

At the moment, it has the following - 12v conversion, 24mm OKO carb, 10" wheel conversion, fast flow fuel tap, scootrs stainless exhaust and also the fitting to this exhaust looks like a T5 fitting??  Is this a usual modification, or is it due to the exhaust needing to just be matched up by last owner?

I will be using all parts from sip from now on, but the setup seems good for now.  In a few months I want to take the head off and see if it has had any internal work done, 177 kit, etc...  I dont know if that has been done.  It has a weeping cylinder head so I dont mind doing the job.

Question is, on the spec above, what else can I do to improve this motor?  Its for use as a daily rider, most days anyway.  What is the best book to buy for doing engine work.  Never worked on the internals of one of these engines and I wonder how easy it is to remove the head, or how to check what piston is in there.  If I find its original and decide to upgrade (I will if its original), is the job easy enough to fit and do I need to upgrade the clutch or camshaft?



The 'T5' fitting you describe sounds like the flange mount cylinders used on some bajaj and LML barrels. it probably is one of those 5-port indian 150 top ends. if that is the case, any modifications to the engine while still using that cylinder will be fruitless, as the port timings on that cylinder are very conservative.


one bit of advice- you may want to post the motor number from your engine. depending on what it is will influence greatly what tuning you can perform at what cost.