Modified autolube

does anyone know how to modify the standard autolube to deliver more oil?

I don’t know if it helps! but I clean and check the small hole going into and out of the pump as thier is a slight missmatch on the meatal pipe to pump body,wont make much diffrence as the pump will only pump as much as the cog on the clutch lets it,
but the T5 cog has finer teeth which might mean it spins faster and pump more? [?[]


why you would need to do it?
Maybe you think that if you have a kit you need a bigger percentage of oil in your mix?
First of all: a rich mix doesn’t mean a mix with more oil. It is a ratio air - fuel.
You mesure oil in percentage not saying is rich or lean.
Infact if you have too much oil you will have a leaner mix because the oil in the mix will slow the flow of the mix oil - fuel (the mix will be thick)and you have more air than fuel-oil in the mix. (I try to be simple)
The vespa autolube is mechanic, it means at low rpm you will have a % of oil that will change at high rpm (more % of oil).
This means that at high rpm you have more % of oil but you will get leaner.
For this reason the main jet in the autolube px is always bigger than the px pre-mix. For a px 125E you will have standard main jet 98 and for the px not autolube the main jet will be 96 if I remember well).

I hope it is more or less clear.

If you are worried about oil buy a good quality oil.
Castrol TTS has been used for many years by many scooterist and it is easy to get.
My favorite oil is Bell Ray that I mix 2%.
More difficult to find and not necessary for vespa tuned engine. You see it more on dirty bikes two stroke engines as I think few Kawa uses it officially(?)