Modifications for my PX 150

Hi I live in Istanbul Turkey, I have an Vespa PX 150, two months ago, I got the polini kit 177 cc installed on my scooter, and left everything stock, now I would like to go further and add by the way I am a newbie so any help appreciated.

 My Vin Numberof my Vespa PX 150 is : VLX1T3060725

I got it from someone else looking into the vin I think it was produced in 1981


1) Complete Front Disc Brake Kit, I do not know which one should I get, please help me on this one

I have a 20mm axle and I want to get a fully hydolic front disc brake kit or other what you have

2) I want to go bitubo shocks, but since I will be getting Disc on the front, which model do I need to choose for the disc kit you are going to offer?

3) Do I need to buy a Cosa Clutch ?

4) I want to get a carburator, I hear about mikuni which one and which size carburator should I get, or what other brand. Do I need to get a manifold as well ?

5) I want to get a pipe, sito but the one which looks more or less the same as the stock one,

6) Is it possible to get a hydrolic clutch system for px ?

7) Do I need a racing crank ?

8) What other modifications should you reccomend at this point.

Hey! So, you're asking what modifications do we recommend?

Well, this really depends on the use you give to your Vespa. If you want to ride it daily, don't spend a lot of fuel and keep an engine with a long life period, i recommend you to simply get an Rally200 type of clutch with 23 cogs, an primary driven gear with 65 or 64 cogs and an Dellorto Si24/24 Carburetor.


If on another hand, you want it to go fastt, i recommend an low-mid rev exhaust, like a Jim Lomaz, a 28mm Carb, a racing or longstroke crank, a Grand Sport Piston, worked cilinder head, variable ignition like Vespatronic and an reinforced clutch.


About the disc brake system, I've mounted one on my PX and I'm very pleased...on the open road is not that much of a diference, but in the city, and if you're riding with two persons, it is!

I can't really tell the diference between the fully hidraulic and semi-hidraulic system, i guess this last is smooter and a bit less efective, but it's a nice upgrade, for sure ;)


Oh, and forget the hidraulic clutch, you don't need that kind of stuff for a Polini177 [H]

Ok, I want to buy Delol Orto SI 24/24 E Injected Part No: 183104 is this the correct one but I need it with the oil pump not sure where to buy it though please could you confirm that this is the correct one and give me a link where I could buy it with the oil pump and do I need anything else to fit this carburator to my bike does it comes with all the fitting parts gaskets etc ? please give me a link where I could buy it.?


Which Air filter I need to buy for this carburator, please give me a link 


I am living in Turkey it is quite mild here and I am at sea level which jets atomizer do I need to buy ? please give me links for this one as well


Also give me some links for "65 cogs primary driven gear with an rally 200's clutch" as well I do not know how to buy this.





Hey you´re so right man !


Regarding the Hydraulic clutch!


Either you don´t need it we got a lot of trouble with the spare parts of this clutch.

It means if you brake something it´s possible that you have to wait a couple of months.







My PX 150E Already have autolube, I do not understand why I need to buy the one with a oil pump, I think I need to buy the one without oil pump but the one which accepts autolube, so could you please be kind enough to confirm this and give me the link for the one without oil pump I am sorry I a all new to these things and do not want to make a mistake prior buying so thank you very much for helping me out.

Do you think this clutch set 23 and 65 primary driven gear will work nice on my pX actually it has a 177 polini cylinder but I am just wondering if it will fit and work better.


And you said about some bearings and gaskets which ones do I need to buy for my bike any links you have


Thank you very much indeed



Hi, I am about to make my mind on my next modifications, so really appreciate the help here. The first thing that I am going to do is to buy a SI24/24 carburetor, does this work with the autolube ? Which Jetting do I need to buy for this setup ? The second thing is I am going to get the sito Plus exhaust, As I said I have a 177 polini kit on my px150e and I want to get a crank bu don't know which one, I want to ride my scooter daily and want a little bit performance so which one do you reccomend ?

The fourth thing that I want to do is to get reinforced 22 cog clutch with 65 primary driven gear
is this ok ?
Do I need a upgear kit do you think it will do any good ?
So which ones do I need to buy could you please give me the links ?

Arto Oksayan

Hi dude



Maybe you understood wrong the item description

(with oilpump) means that that is the carb for engine with oilpump.




PS: Do you still made the order about the discbrake etc. ?




Yes, it works with autolube, it's the same model that the PX200's. Be careful to don't order one without oil pump! ;)


The Sito works out good on that cylinder.

65 cogs primary driven gear with an rally 200's clutch with 23 cogs (no need to be reinforced, really...just the original basket and plates). On this upgearing you will get a nice cruising 4th gear.

If you want the 4th gear to be a little shorter allowing you more response to the acelerator, buy the malossi upgear kit 24/65.


About the crank, well, you can modify the original crank, making it more polished and aerodinamic, rising the admission timing (you have instructions for this in the polini kit) and opening up the rotary valve.

This will get you a nice engine. If altough you want to spend a bit more money, you can buy a mazzucheli longstroke crank. It will rise the cylinder cubic capacity and horsepower of your engine.


I should remind you, all this things should be done by someone that know's what he's doing. Or you'll risk damaging a lot of material. I refer to assembly, jetting, setting the engine timing, everything, really.



Regarding the Air filter, you can keep the original, and drill one hole over each jet.

Jetting...this is really a question of "trying and try again" The jets you need will depend on the mods you do to your engine...there is no straight forward rule to this...


Heres the Rally 200's clutch:

65 cogs primary driven:



The carb is just the carb, no gaskets or whatsoever...I advise you to change the bearings, oil seals, kickstarter gear, cruciform, gaskets, etc etc etc (some pieces depends on wear...)


Well, hope this is helpful [;)]