MMW Reed Block for LML

I bought an MMW evo Reed Block for the LML motor, and I'm using a Vforce (rd) reed.  There is a small extended "block" a rectangle of aluminum that is at the bottom of the block. This is causing it to not fit exactly, should I shave this off, or just enough to make it fit.  The MRP reed block I had before did Not have this "protruding" piece on the bottom.. (it is flat across the bottom).  It can easily be shaved to fit, but i wanted to know if this block is there for a purpose, as the other block did not have it at all, and I haven't seen it before.

Anyone? SIP Tech ?

Thank you.

Update... I got it sorted. the little protruding piece on the bottom of the block does fit (a tiny bit of shaving),  and you'll need to mill out the inside of the block to fit a vforce reed, and cut off the "outlet" that comes off the top portion of the block, flat with the bottom, as it won't fit "as is' w/ the vforce... easy stuff though... so if you buy this and don't have a dremel (or simlar) get one!