MMW manifold

hey guys need some help on deciding on which manifold to run. the mmw evo 1 or evo 2.

1- is there a difference in the size of the outlet on either of these?

2- is it better to have the reeds at a a 90 degree to the crank like on the MMW evo 1 or is it better to have them inline with the crank?

3-can i weld the manifold right to the cases?

4-do i need a spacer to raise the manifold up so the carb will clear?

my setup is a polini with the GS piston, JL evo 2000 pipe and 28tm mikuni and worb5 special lip crank. this is on a LML 150 reedvalve motor.



first check the cases you have have a inlet area that can be worked for the lenght of the MMW2. Some old cases don’t have enough material. Then for your questions:

1- yes the outlet of the MMW2 is longer

2- for the flow is more or less the same.

3- if you want you can weld it to the cases

4- you won’t need a spacer. Just need to give an inclination to the carb.

remember fuel pump is needed!

you could also have a look at some pictures I took on my blog (the address at the bottom line) for cases worked to accept this kind of reed block.

is this the one for the mmw evo 2? that look a lot easier than using the stock reedblock.

Curare as ever you are a fountain of knowledge[:D] By the way my Polini is still running fine after 2000 well thrashed miles. Trying to find time to fit a gear kit at the moment- so many projects, so little time!!


tank you patrikgrann and typaco23 for your appreciations.

Yes typaco23, with the picture you have taken from my blog you see that with this cases is a lot easier since you have more material to take away.
If you have a kind of cases with shorter inlet area than you need a spacer that then you will enlarge to fit the MMW2.
The spacer is the easiest way, or you can always weld a part where needed.

I have just added some picures in my blog so you can see the inclination of the carb.

thanks curare. here is a friends mmw2 on top of his lml cases. it’s a little big eh? he got it to work! but he used the stock reed block as a spacer so that it would neck down over a longer area. i was thinking about the same thing or is there a better way to do it? and again great blog. great work.


yes diablo, in some engines the smaller Malossi can work as good as an MMW or slightly better, I had this experience too.
But as you said it depends a lot from the carb you are using.
But some engines really likes bigger carbs then a 28, not to have more power, that in some case is very similar, but you have it smoother, the engine is less nervous, and the carb set up less sensitive. You immediately feel it is better even though you have the same top speed.
In these cases what I found out is that the small malossi block and reed area can’t handle well carbs bigger than a 30mm.
I suspect more the filling of the inlet area and reed block then flow speed. When this area starts being bigger then optimal you have some depression area that not only slow the flow speed but makes it more cahotic. When this area start being smaller then optimal you have too much compression and the engine starts being nervous and the power band restricts.

To say in few words I favour more the idea of an ordinate flow more then its speed.

Hello I have a quick question, I have a malossi 210 ported and mazz crank I am going to buy a reed block and new carb I was thinking a mmw2 and a mikuni tmx 30 for my 79 p200. Does this set up work best for me and do I have to cut the side panels or cut the frame to make that carb fit . Do you have a better set up that I should use them the one I am looking at thanks Jeff

VERY! very nice work there Curare!


Hi just a few words on my experience of the mmw on a T5 motor. As Curare says some welding and remachining was required. The inlet is huge when compared to other readvalves. I have to say that the performance was not as good as one I’d done previously using a malossi reedvalve. I put this down to the inlet area being too big and therefore reducing gas speed. I would suggest these blocks work best on larger motors. Be interested on your thoughts curare?

man curare you do some damn good work! i checked out your blog i cant belive how tight you got that carb in there. im going to take some measurements and see what i can cut and what i can weld. i’ll post up some more pics when i get a chance.

Thanks again for all your help!