MMW manifold + tassinari reed


I have just set an engine up with the MMW2 manifold (new in SIP catalogue) and Tassinari reed (new in SIP catalogue too).

Be prepared to:
the manifold like MRB or the MMW2 need to be enlarged about 1mm to be able to get the tassinari reed.

the MMW2 as the MMW 1 manifolds have a metal guide that goes into the reed (for RD 350 reed). This has to be cut away.

The result in comparison with RD 350 reed it is better low and mid, more regular and more responsive trottle.

Be carefull: the MMW2 has a longer output window that can be too big for some enginecases as the one where I mounted it. In this case use the MMW1 or make, as I did, an alu gasket of 0,5mm with to reduce the output window of about 1, 1,5cm so it will cover the loss of cranckcase base.

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