MMW Cosa Basket help. Lurching when put into 1st gear

Malossi 210 with HRS high compression head, HRS Vortex 33, Mazz cut crank, ScootRS pipe, Cosa clutch with MMW Cosa basket, Non oiler, VNA 8".

I bought the MMW cosa basket through SIP as i am trashing my standard cosa baskets.  I thought this would help as $100 baskets are expensive to replace every 2 months.  I did grind out the clutch bell (lid) pretty good, so nothing from the basket is rubbing. Here is my problem: When i am at idle at a stop light (or just stopped), i put my bike into gear and take off. I get the unholy grail of lurching. I only get this "lurching" when i'm into 1st gear. When i shift into other gears or downshift I don't get it.  I have tried two different spacers (between clutch and bearing), the geared spacer and the thinner style from teh 1960's.   Switching out both spacers did not effect anything, same problem. 

Any suggestions????

hi, i have your problem. you find the solution?

Hey Folks !



I think the problem could be the distance between the gear wheels - please check the axial clearence !

It have to be maximum 0,4 mills.


To fix the hole gearing its neccessary to use the spacers between the gearwheels in dfferent sizes.




Check this items:

20321000 spacer / 20322000 spacer / 20323000 spacer / 6082400 gauge