Mk1 t5 electrical problem

hi all

ok i got a battery fitted to my mk1 t5 for the stereo
using the battery recitifer 5 pin to charge the battery
now problem with the battery off and the leads removed you have the 2 green wires does it matter to which terminal on the rectifier they got to and do i have to put a fuse in line anywhere
as when i switch it on and put the lightsd on all ok as soon as i rev it up bang it blows all the bulbs that are on

has anyone done this mod to there scoots if so any help would be appreciated


I want to do this as well on a non battery px200.

One of my ideas is to use a vespa rectifier ( in line with the main electrical circuit to charge a small 12v battery.

Alternatively I’m sure there must be a way to utilise the 5 pin regulator to charge a battery without rewiring all of the scooter. Does anyone have an internal diagram or description of the 5 pin regulator connections?

I asked staff at Grand Prix Scooters in Leicester (brilliant shop), they suggested a simple half bridge rectifer connected to the ac circuit, with the rectified output connected to your battery +ve. Then deck the -ve to the bodywork. They also suggested leaving the lights on all the time to provide some load in the circuit. This gives an output voltage of approx 14v while revving, although this is measured on a digital meter which can give misleading results (inductive or capacitive circuit or sumink, college long time ago!)

I have tried to integrate a 12v zenor diode into the circuit to provide some over charge protection to the battery, but I still have 14v at the terminals (think it is wrong way round, havent had time to sort it)

I am only using the battery for my dc horn, I have ridden it a few times since mod and it hasn’t blown up yet.[:smokin:]



i’ve just tried 2 5 pin regulators and suffered the same problem of still blowing bulbs and the wiring is correct
i also discussed this with gary at allstyles and he advised me what to do and if i still have problems contact him
i’m going to try and find a seperate battery charger as you linked to and it looks like thats the job or one similar


can any one else shed some light on this or have done it and explain what to do

If your bike is not built for a battery, you will need a lot off new parts, new statorplate being one. Look at a schematic for a battery equipped T5.