Mk 1 T5 rev counter

I have just finished rebuilding a mk 1 T5 and the only thing that wont work is the rev counter (its the needle type). Is there anything obvious the i might be missing ?

My MK1 T5 has the needle rev counter, it’s much easier to read than the digital one… or is it just me [I)]

Also mine is an 1985 (sport) model for the Italian market and doesn’t have autolube, it says 2% mix on top of the petrol tank (in Italian).

Anyone else in the UK got one?

ive got the same type of rev counter and its not working at the mo if its just the resistor then it should be able to be replaced
if you cant find the right size you can always join 2 together to make the right size
but you might want to look at the lm7808 voltage regulator as
they are comman for b***ing thats what has gone on mine

had the same problem with mine.theres a resister that goes common fault.cant be fixed.if your like me evrything has to can get a new set of clocks from sip but i think they are in klms(depends were your from)but i hit lucky a got the ultimate with the digital rev counter type which is a far better job.look through the adds in scootering ya might pick one up