Minimum order value problem

When I tried to order the following products below, I got an error: This shopping cart does not yet reach the minimum order value.
I didn't understand, because I am €3,78 above the minimum.
This is what it said: 

 You need  € -3,78  to reach the minimum order value 

It all doesn't really make sense..
Can you please help me make my order come through?
My customer number is:  19210200

Article # / Delete Unit price Total
Clutch friction plates NEWFREN V50/ PV/PK reinforced, incl. spring 
 Art.Nr. 93110000
  € 14,16 € 14,16
Clutch backplate V50/PV/PK/S/ 
 Art.Nr. 79469000
  € 5,98 € 5,98
Mud flap Vespa, white emblem, 
black&white stripes
 Art.Nr. 85166000
  € 8,64 € 8,64
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Total (without shipping costs)

€ 28,78 



Hi dude,


i forwarded it to the it department, when i got news i´ll inform you.







the minimum order value to you is 80 Euro.


So please order some more stuff for 9 Euro







I have same problem with this item:

This shopping cart does not yet reach the minimum order value. 


Cart Address Shipping Payment / Overview
  Article # / Delete Unit price Total
Headlamp for Vespa GTV/GT60°, 
for "lower lamp" 
Weight: 0,650 kg
  175,54 YTL
71,43 €
175,54 YTL
71,43 €
Total (without shipping costs)
175,54 YTL
71,43 €
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Can you help me please. I want to buy only one headlamp.

My Cust number : 25950100

Hi dude !


Please try it again - it should work now







We have to make a minimum order now onwards from SIP?

yea!!! why minimum order? It discourages people to buy spares on a constant basis. Lol Abid! mdm asnah