Milano - Iceland on 2 Vespas!

These 2 italians from Milano stepped in at SIP yesterday. They came back from the trip of their life: Milano, Danmark, Faroer Island, Iceland and back. Some kilometers before the SIP headquarter one engine broke down and needed complete rebuild.
Now everything is running again and the 2 friends head back home:

More images from this trip shortly in our gallery!


not for the world champions… [:look:]

Hi I’m Vittorio, Alias Turbobestia, I broked my vespa in Amburgo ad if there is’nt the SIP man now I’m death…

Thank you for all

When you will go in Italy write me one mail, Thank you Ralf, Than you all people!!!

see some pictures of iceland in [:D]

Thank you and sorry my english :stuck_out_tongue:


they don’t have stock motor? What kind of modification they did?



Incredibile is nothing…

Incredibile is nothing…

Other Pictures

INCREDIBILI!! :slight_smile: