Mikuni TMX30

Hi anybody tried this carb on a 210 yet? Saw the Germans using them in Holland this year.

The keihin carbs are sold by a guy in vietnam, he doesn’t have one on there at the moment but he always puts some up again

Here is one of the ended auctions, I am sure that if you contact him he will sell you one, or at least put an auction up for you.

Do you know if they will fit straight onto a malossi reed valve or nfk manifold?

The only downside with these ones compared to the ones from scootrs is that they only come with the jets that are in them, and there doesn’t look like there is a rubber mounting included.

Let me know how you get on as i may be following your lead, now all i need is a malossi kit, I have an old autisa aluminum barrel, and ive bought a polini piston to fit it (38 euros LOL) So that will have to do until i get hold of a cheap malossi kit.

Anyway best of luck with it and here is the link to the guy selling the keihin carbs


Will a Polini piston fit an Autisa as I thought they were 200cc-ish?

What about a dellorto? are the 300 mm dellortos any good?

Also can somebody tell me what the guy says about this kit on his page?


there are a few words that do not translate through babelfish

Ah now becomes clear. I’m told that the pwk carbs are shite. Far better the Koso ones(both are Keihn copies). I run a 34mm on my TS1 and its good.

I think that these ones are koso, as the ones that are sold at scootrs are koso. Even if you buy the carb for 50 us then spend another 40 for a genuine slide you will still save a shitload of money compared to buying a genuine keihin.

Can anybody tell me what i will need to fit a 28mm keihin onto either a nfk or malossi reed manifold?

Ultarphine you just need an a larger inlet rubber. Ones for the 30mm amal carbs work.

cheers mate, I just bought this carb and reed valve kit for 70 euros, hopefully i can sell the carb for 50 or so, then ill have the malossi manifold to play with. I have the nfk one on the way as well but im not sure what kind of condition it is in. Those pattern keihin carbs seem like a good deal, there are quite a few cheap ones on ebay.

Hi Ultraphine have you got an ebay number for those can’t find them. Sell your dellorto on British ebay and you should get a good price. 70 eoros is a good price you’ve got an eye for the bargains!

hello diablo,

I have used them, but I have to say that keihin for power and power curve are shlightly better.
The only advantage I found Mikuni TMX is that they are less sensitive to wheather changes, temperature and altitude then keihin. I would use them on snowmobile…

Thanks Curare I rely on you to save me a lot of time and effort!
Ultaphine dellorto carbs are ok but you are pretty much limited to PHBH carbs for vespa because of the amount of room you have. They are pretty easy to set up but are very inefficient compared to others because they are an old design. Round bore carbs create turbulance which causes problems with flow which is why you have flat and oval slide carbs. I am just changing over from PHBH to a Kiehn copy carb so I’ll let you know how I get on. I am expecting a smoother power curve and a slightly higher rev ceiling.

Hi yes perhaps im getting confused here but are the scootrs ones Koso? It is as Curare said the slides which are the problem. My friend was shown one at Isle of Wight this year which had worn badly very quickly. I have had my Koso on my Lambretta for a while now with no probs.

hello Diablo,

yes if you are going from PHBH to Keihin you will experience a smoother power curve and slightly better high and faster response.
When you say you have been told PWK carb are shite I don’t know who told you this, but there must have been a misunderstanding there.

PWK is a Keihin series of carb for two stroke application.
Then you have the PJ, PE and PWM.
So when you talk about PWK you talk about a certain keihin carb, as when you say PHBH you are talking about a certain dell’Orto.

The PWK is keihin genuine. It doesn’t come on 30 but 28mm,33, and 35. I have used all of them and are magnificient, I am in love with the big PWM 38 which for me is the best carb ever made for two stroke, though too big for vespa application even if extreme tuning, but I saw it in application with Fabrizi on small frame.

Then you have the keihin pattern. This generally start at 28/30 oval size. I know and worked with KOSO and OKO, but never with the vietnam made version, if different.
They are made less accurately then the genuine Keihin, but globallywell made. The weakest part I found to be the slide they come with. It is not so nice made expecially if you know how is made a genuine keihin slide. But genuine keihin slide cost about 40 US dollars.

Another point about these copies and maybe consequence of slide manifacture, I say maybe, is:
in wet condition, or in condition when it is easy the formation of water condensation as getting out from a warmer place to a colder one, the slide can develop a tendency to get stuck. Nothing really annoying since generally it is enough to open the throttle a couple of times to unstuck it.
I really don’t know if this is the responsability of the slide different material, but I report what I have experienced.

Johnny, if you are chasing a 28mm keihin ( i think they have a 30mm height from memory?) there is a guy on ebay selling them for 49 us dollars brand new, it is a 40 buck saving over what scootrs are charging at least.

ah ok, so theyre not the same ones as the scootrs ones? I thought that pwk was just the type of carb not the brand?

I have had a look on the web and i cant seem to find anything relating to the pwk brand of carb, just oko and koso. I have sent the guy on ebay an email asking him what brand his carbs are.
Where can i find some info on the difference between koso and pwk?

Yes juan the autisa is a 200, but the previous owner left the gudgeon pin circlips off so there is a gouge is the iron sleeve so i need to get it rebored.

hello ultraphine,

You can fit a 28PWK kehin or keihin pattern onto a Malossi reed manifold. I don’t know about nfk.

Yeah I am pretty sure that the scootrs ones are koso as they are the ones that sip stock, and sip get alot of their stuff from scootrs these days apparently