Mikuni TMX 32 Question



I've fitted a Mikuni TMX 32 onto my Polini Evo direct induction and need a little advice:

  • The carb supplied has a atuo-lube fitting in the manifold side which (I assume) will need closing off - what's the best way of doing this?
  • Due to the angle of the carb, the float bowl overflow is also overflowing - again, I'm going to close this off - what's the best way of doing this and will it cause me any secondary problems?
  • Any advice on jets and settings?

The set up is;  Polini Evo direct induction (using the Honda CR125 manifold), Hammerzombie, Vespatronic and all the usual other bits and pieces






Hello Duncan,


Normally you just have to close the connection for the oil with a cap but we can`t offer that.

You can`t close the carb so all the fuel would flowing into the cylinder.

For the mainjet it should be between 260-300.


Kind regards

Mario SIP