Mikuni powerjet

I have been using a Mikuni powerjet on my vespas for some 8 years now. all of these have been on larger bore carbs from 28 up to a 36mm Amal. Currently on a 32mm flatslide delorto mounted on a malossi 210 reed motor. Jetting is relatively easy and Im able to choose the point where the powerjet cuts in from. A question to you lucky lot out there is; Because of the simplicity of setting up keihins etc. and the costs is there anyone out who really would be bothered to go to the lengths of having these fitted. This is for future reference. I HAVE A PLAN. More beer

Funny really, thats pretty much the mileage im getting, and have had in the past, doc. Certainly gives the vespa a boost. an offering of a kit may easily be an option but setting up can be time consuming to get it to work perfectly. Fuel cons does go up but makes my 210 compareable to my runner 180 for outright acceleration and top end is better.

Fitting the powerjets to any carb. The benefits are probably too sublime and setting up too involved for a standard road scoot to be honest, Doc. Looks like no-one else is interested either. Its a concept not in common use so people will shy away. hows yours? Managed to get yours set to to your liking?

fuel flow is excellent adey but the efficiency is a bit low.i was pissed off only getting 45-50 miles to a tank,now down to 25-30 if im lucky

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the best way to describe it is this for anyone thinking of going all the way with a motor:accelorating in first=no front tyre wear as it doesnt touch the ground,second gear=minimal wear as it doesnt lift constantly through gear,third gear=feel the front wheel skipping the tarmac and with every light bounce the fuel guage dips a bit more,fourth=as the front wheel skips up to 85mph the fuel guage acts as a reverse rev counter.to summerise,what you save in front tyres you blow 4 fold in fuel which has its own mathematical equation.fat bloke+210+credit card+fuel pump-front tyre=££££££££££££££££££££££’s.throttles are like forskins,youve just gotta pull em back as often as poss!

stroud valleys(midnight hour)sc est 1984

runs like a surface to air missile,the cushion drive is a bit elastic and fires off like a catapult now ive got the fuel pump on to get enough fuel through,fukkin awesome.never knew a vespa could fly

stroud valleys(midnight hour)sc est 1984

Amen to that vespadoctor, `cept now i have the thumb paddle to push forward.

havin what fitted ace? a mikuni,a keihin or a mikuni powerjet on a keihin???

stroud valleys(midnight hour)sc est 1984

Hey lads you think 25/30 miles to a tank is bad, Im used to tuned monster fourstroke dragbike engines where you are lucky to get 5/10 miles to a gallon, I took the fuel gauge off mine in the end cos youd fill her up & watch it go down like the tank had a hole in it.

I`d be interested if you are thinking of making some kits up, this sounds like a good idea, anything to increase fuel flow & efficency should be tried before other mods that might affect the reliability.