Michelin S1, Any Good?

Whats your opinion on the S1? What tyres are the best for all round performance?

At the moment I have some Sava tyres, and they are rubbish. Back one is just about legal and the front one is not far behind. Its the last time that I buy budget tyres. I may go for the conti’s, but it depends how much the local dealer wants. I will let you know how I get on.


I always use Michellin Dexters - good all rounders


I’ve tested all the tyres in the last few years. The Continental Zippy range (1 & 3) is very nice, the S1 is perfect for dry roads, the Pirelli’s are a little bit worser than the Conti’s. The Heidenau’s and teh Swallows are ok for normal use and my absolutly favourite is the Dexter.

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S1 tyres are probably the best sports tyre available for dry weather. They feel very stable on bends and also along straight roads. BUT be careful when out in the wet, they are not the best wet tyre available.

My personal preferance is the Continental zippy1, brilliant all rounder good in the wet good in the dry.
I didnt get on with S1 they didnt give me any confidance when the road was wet.[:D]

Sorry cant help as I have never used the S83.

:and most of the other club members are Dexter users and very happy with them,although some of the newer bikes still have the Diablo Ditchfinders fitted and have been warned of the consequences of using these hapless tyres.:shoot1:[:dance3:]

Yes get dexters definatley in the top 10 tyres to buy.

Well thanks to a pair of S1’s my shiny new PX200 went down on the way to work one slightly wet morning.

I strongly suggest you use Dexters or simillar for rainy riding.

The S1’s are great for dry riding though but I find them to be a liitle harder when going over bumps than the Dexter’s (but that could be the fact that I’m still on standard shocks).

Good luck either way and let us know how you go.


I went for the Zippy 1. they are a marked improvement ove the Sava tyres.

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Dexter, S1 and Zippys - how do they compair with the S83 that are fitted to my bike as standard.

Cheers, Andy.