Meteor GS Piston for P200e - frustration and questions

If this piston has a high silicone content (hypereutectic), can someone please tell me why it needs .14mm (.0055") piston to cyl. clearance?!? This does not make sense. I set my P200 stock cylinder at .088mm (.0035") and it had a "4 corner" seizure...indicating bore is too tight. More silicone=less expansion in a cast piston. I would really like to hear an explanation for this. I know who meteor is, but who is GS and why does the GS piston come in a meteor box? What's the difference between Meteor and the GS piston? A lot of questions here, but an equal amount of frustration. .14mm piston to cylinder clearance is quite loose for a stock cylinder. 

I welcome anyone who can shed some light on this.