metallic noise

Just fitted my dr 177 on my px.Works good if not for a metallic noise coming from the engine.Rattling sound.Has anyone got any ideas of what this is ???And how I could fix this??

I think you should check your timing, carb main jet and colder spark plug

yes, I would do the same thing viperboy suggested here.

Get the ignition timing a little retarded, you should go ok with 17° and spark such as Bosh 4 grade, NGK8 or Denso 24.

Hello it looks like a common problem with all sports or racing kits this Pinking sound? I am experimanting with a few things, it could be the timing or a need for a bigger jet, I have the Polini 207cc and at constant high speeds the pinking sound persists, I will let you know if I get to the bottom of it.