Metallic noise

Can anyone suggest any ideas.
I have rally210malossi, full rebuild done approx. 800miles no problems.
I was just coming down the motorway so i thought i would open it up a bit, light metallic noise at about 75-80mph.
I dont think small end bearing cos its all new, and everything is well sweet.
Could it be something silly like exhaust springs, or am I gonna have to rip the fukka apart!

Running 24mm s1 carb 130main jet, 18 degrees timing, PM pipe
B8es ngk plug,
Do you think I need to adjust furhter to 16degrees?
Engine runs nice and cool[:rotate:] [:rotate:] [:smile:]

sounds like the motor is pinking. does it sound like a tin of nails being rattled?if so check your jetting and timing[:D]
paul D


remember not to change the timing and the main jet at the same time.
First try the main jet.
If the problem is still there then retard timing to 17.


is the head modified?the volume of the head might be too small, taffspeed modified my head so the bowl had a capacity of 20cc.if it is any less the motor has a tendancy to pink as the compression ratio is too high.its not enough to just alter the diameter of the do you know the motor runs cool,my 210 is bloody hot but it doesnt running 210, 26mm carb, modded head, taffspeed pipe, cut crank, ported cases and t5 4th gear. my main jet is only 118 but timing is set at 16 degrees. the plug colour is a nice chocolatey colour and on the dyno its got a nice clean power curve and is ever so slightly rich thru the full throttle range. on the road it goes off the speedo although there is a small flat spot at 60-65 as the pipe is a compromise in design to allow it to be used on t5s and 200s.tried a sip right hand pipe and the engine pulls clear all the way thru though the main jet has gone up to 120.[:D]

Thanks for all the advice guys. I will try adjusting the timing to 16 degrees. Vary the main jet too.

Engine spec.
Cut crank inlet timing 180 Degrees
24mm standard carb 130 MJ
pm pipe
Taffy modified head

Currently running standard gears with gear kit (no short 4th)
This seems ok on the open road once you get to 70mph it takes off, but takes a while to get there (shit against wind!)[:dance1:]


yes as gp200 said I think either timing or too lean.
First try a bigger main jet.
I think it will solve the problem.
If the metallic noise still there, retard 1 degree timing.
And be sure you have the correct spark.



no. For me your set up is OK.
As I answered before I think if you use a bigger jet you will solve the problem.
Try 132. Or bigger. It is a question of trial and error.