Mazzucchelli crankshaft for PK 50 XL


I have a PK 50 XL 86 that in which I want to replace the original crankshaft with a mazzucchelli racing crankshaft. Planing to do some tuning by put on a malosssi 115cc, PHBL carburetor, reinforced clutch, 3.00 gear etc. However does replacing the crankshaft involve a lot of milling, or could you just put it right in, easy as that!

I am planning to do the tuning myself, but if replacing the crankshaft involves milling  think I need a mechanic to do it for me...


I am kinda new to this....




Hi Henrik,

Most likely there will be no adjustments necessary. This is because the only difference will be the diameter of the cilinder .

good luck