Mazzuccheli Crank

MMMM nice this is a friends flywheel with a big lump of mazzuccheli crank in it. He pulled over on the way to Brid scooter rally last month and at first we thought he’d sheared the woodruf key. Bit more serious than that. Note to self when building 210 motors for friends use genuine cranks!

Hole in the Flywheel is full of Mazzu stuff!! I heard some Mazzus are not very reliable… but who’s gonna refund that?!

I’ll take some pictures from my shelf of shame and show you some good reasons not to run them either! Watch this space

cant get image up. anyone know what i’m doing wrong?

Can’t see what you’ve done wrong mate but i copied it into my addy bar and it came up.[?[]

There’s an advert for running an HP4 flywheel!

Thanks Juan-helpful as ever! Yeah to be fair this was in a 20bhp+ malossi motor ridden by someone with two throttle positions on and off! I’ve got a genuine crank in mine though with no probs. If you have a look part of the crank has shear marks and some has a crystaline look to it. Not being an expert in this field I can’t say whether thats significant or not but my guess is it may well be. Its a nice addition to my shelf of shame in my workshop which has other wonders of destuction on it!