Max sent cheque

max sent cheque to address you emailed me on the 5 2 2003 so wheres my part Gary ps you london git[:dance3:]

Thats rich from some twat that called some of the people that anwser a lot of the posts muppets a time back keep your nose out of some thing you twat



I’m surprised you didn’t get hold of me earlier! thought you had vanished!

I’m sorry to have aired my grievances ‚live‘ as it were but things have been dragging on a bit…

  • Apologies - there is a chance that the cheque has been mislaid

I live on a boat and as such have a postbox - the old bloke who deals with the mail could have screwed up I suppose - will ‚check‘ (boom boom) it out with him

who did you address it to? Presumably me (Max Towns)

Richie Rich - if you are same bloke as Gary mentioned then I agree and raise him some - its free help on here - no one is liable for their advice - think you miss the point somewhat - so yeh - keep ya nose out [:lickout:]

Gaz7 - Will let you know soon as… [:smokin:]

Richie rich nothing to do with you so f******* you think i am going to post a bank statement on this site then you are a bigger twat than i thought Gary[:smokin:] [:drink:]

A smell of bullshit to me[:roll:]

[:’(] Show us a bank statement if your pc is sill working muppet boy and i will take it back[:’(]