Malossi vs polini


malossi is more expensive than polini but polini have 1 good thing they do sec gear up 4 aerox malossi dont wankers

2nyt i dunno weather 2 get pissed or not lewis wot u rekon i shud do get pissed or not ???

na polini pipe if u gonna have polini engine


full malossi vs full polini aerox wot wud winn ?? = me




lewis man u wonna hurry up bruv and talk back on here lol this is long im the only 1 chattin and its bare boring lol

lewis man u need 2 get urself a gear up or sumthing or lest a variator

if my ped had malossi sec gear up it will fucking lick 2 70 but its only got pri :@

ive had 15 replies dats bullshit ive rite bar eon here and u have at lest 30 times

lololol out the window from r-tek U ITE DARLINNNNNNNNN sshe loved it bruv and she was buff i put my thumb up and smiles bk aswell LOL

full polini engline pipe gear up single ring 70 rapid …



mhr kit will piss all over evo

mhr pipe poline engine = RAPID

Everythink malossi is better so much more power also so much more durable  so it can hold out more revs

this is bollocks lol lewis u actually gonna post anything back or is it just me