Malossi VESpower ignitoin

Hi, doe anybody recommend the Malossi VESpower ignition kit part number 55156100 for PX Vespa?

And if so does it come complete ready to go?

Also what other race ignition kits do you recommend?

I have used the VesPower ignition on a 1980 P125X.  It wasn't "ready to go" for me, as the scooter I was working on had a battery, so I had to buy the Malossi regulator separately. 55157030 is the part number for the Malossi regulator that I used. The instructions were not the most clearly written, but it wasn't hard to figure out.   I was happy with the kit.  I didn't have any more crazy problems due to the old ignition parts after that!

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I've got one on a Parmakitted engine. It was fine until the fan fell to pieces.
Now has one of the CNC fans on it. It goes better now, with the bit of extra weight.