Malossi v polini

has anyone used both of these kits for px200. Ihave heard polini gives better power than malossi but is prone to seizing. I am looking to purchase either one of these kits but need more feedback before i do.[:bounce:] [:roll:] [:drink:]

I think Dylan is the man to speak to on this issue if my memory serves me well, theres pros and cons for each and will probably come down to ££££££s at the end of the day.:shoot1:[:dance3:]

Thanks twice for that Dylan i will bear those points in mind. Although i think i am going to go the whole hog. Big carb, race crank, already have the pipe, but it sounds like malossi is the way to go because i intend to do plenty of rallies on my px.[:bounce:] [:roll:] [:dance3:] [:D]

Dylan is on holiday at the moment so I’ll have a go… Polini is cheap, £$/bhp ratio is good and it can be re-bored if things go wrong…which they tend to. I think that it’s just that they are a little harder to set up right and that they need to be run in carefully. I’ve just bought a Polini so that’s where my money went. I have a Polini 177 kit too and that great so I’m hoping for the same out of the 210. I have read alot of stuff about them (210) siezing and have seen Dylans problems with his…but still I bought one 'cause they are cheap and fast. If you only intend to use it around town then I would def say Polini. If you are going on the open road a lot consider the Malossi…phew.