Malossi TC Lambda Emulator

I and many others have ordered this item for our GTss, and have been waiting for ages.

Do these things actually exist, and has anyone ever tried one out?

I already have a Polini variator, Malossi V4 cylinder and head, Dr.Pulley sliders, air filter mod, and something to enrichen the mixture seems the logical next step.


Two people have now reported on these units on ModernVespa forum. Both say it makes no difference, except one said it made the scooter feel a little more torquie. One scooter was standard and the other standard except for an Akrapovic exhaust.

Be nice if Malossi actually told us what the Lambda Emulators really do, and what to expect from them with different scooter setups.


Thanks, But I forgot to mention i my first post that I also have an Akrapovic exhaust. I have tried the Super Corsa Power Booster, which I believe is the same module as the PM Tuning one, and it made no difference.

As I understand the EFI, any change made by the PM module (or the Power Booster) will be detected at the Lambda unit and the EFI will compensate, taking you back to square one. Thats why I'm hoping that the Lambda Emulator will deceive the EFI into setting the mixture richer.

But I still have no information from Malossi about what their TC module does, or what results one can expect.

My Lambda Emulator arrived a few days ago, but my engine is in pieces at the moment, so it will be a couple of weeks before I can try it out.








your engine need this next steps:


and an exhaust- to get the more fast released.