Malossi T5 probs

I am just running in a Malossi kit on my T5. Did about 100 miles at 40, no problem, next 100 at around 45-50. no prob. I then went on a lngish run getting it occasionaly up to 55 mph. Never thrashed it , kept it steady. aftre about 45 mins the engine died on mr. No seizure just would not fire up. After 1/2 hour it eventually kicked up, but ran very poorly, almost cutting out and not ticking over correctly. it does start now but when it gets warm it will not tick over or run correctly.
It has a simminini ? exhaust and standard carb.
Hope some one can help, i was running it in correctly as well, sholud have thrashed it from the outset.

Cheers in advance



it seams either your spark doesn’t get the right cleaning temperature or something in the carburation or carburator or both. But could be something else so we start out with the basic before tring other things.

1- change spark plug with a new one of correct number for your kit. (Bosh W3 CC ) The right number is important expecially in tuned engines!

2- clean the air filter and check if the carburator nuts are thight.

Then give it a try and if still problem will try other things out.
One after another.


Thanks for that i will try the new spark tommorow.


andy check your long idle screw on my old t5 with the malossi kit and pm pipe it kept vibrating undone had to strech the spring or pput a stronger one on

just a quick try