Malossi running in

I have new malossi kit on my t5 in the instructions it says running in 40 to 60 minutes when i last put new kit on my t5 it said running in takes about 600 miles why the big difference in running in

Should have said i spoke to ian at tafspeed and he said run it in for about 200 mile at top speed of no more than 55 to 60 then should be ok. Had to file the old one but not this cylinder they are allways rattley

Hi Gaz,

The 40-60 mins does seem kinda short doesn’t it! I gave mine a good afternoon of gentle riding at varied revs… and didn’t really open it up for another 5 hours or so after that. Seems fine.

Is your kit making a rattle? Mine sounds pretty noisy, especially at idle. I also had to file back the side of the new cylinder a tiny bit cause the flywheel was scuffing it as it went around… hmmm.


i just use the autolube no extra in the tank

Have run mine now for 500 km (310miles). Easy the first 200, and opened it for a short period now and then but not full open. Normally max. 45-50 mph, - now and then up to 60. Seems OK so far. Running still with mainjet125 and about 3,5% mix to be sure… Have Si24/24E and Sito+. Noisy and vibration, but that is how it is I guess. Going for a 900km-trip (both directions) last weekend in august. Will see then how it work on touring.