Malossi reedvalve parts

After researching the shop for what i need i coudn’t figure some parts because there are no picture of them and i’m not sure about their names. my english is soo lousy.

the rubber piece that connect the malossi reedvalve (not sure about spelling) box with the carburettor broke, so i need the metal replacement part and the rubber hose to joint the carb, if there is a special part to fit a boostbottle will be supperb.

carb is a dellorto phbh30, scooter is a pe200x, spanish made (not with femsa flywheel luckily)

please, could someone tell me the english names or part numbers of what i need ?

by the way, the engine has some modifications:

pinasco barrel & piston, mazzucheli crank to get nearly 230cc
(crank is not a full cicle one, but crank case had been cutted to eliminate rotary valve)
malossi reedvalve, dellorto phph30 carburettor (i told about them before XP)
ixil exhaust (tired of breaking exahusts when pull to sidewalk)

¿whitch set of jets, diffusor and needles will be a good starting point to adjust carburation? - i know it’s a weird question, but any help will be ussefull.

thank you for your time.


the part you need is: connecting SIP piece malossi reed
art nr:40430000

then you need a normal connecting rubber Polini

That’s all



going to order them right now